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What to Expect From Marriage and Family Therapy

Going to see a marriage family therapist can be just what you need when you are dealing with issues and potential conflict. Here’s what to expect.

Many people believe that just because you have a marriage and/or a family, your life is easier, happier, and full of love. However, that is not always the case. There are numerous marriages that have trouble and families that don’t get along. That is what going to a marriage family therapist is for. Working through your problems rather than running away from them can be the ideal way to get past them, together.

Here’s what to expect from these therapy sessions:

Marriage Therapy

While marriage is a union between two people who have similar views, understanding, and emotion towards each other, it may not last forever like it is expected. However, while some think it is the end, it may just be a speed bump. With marriage counseling, you can reach a new level of communication and understanding, thus leading to growth within your relationship.

During your marriage therapy session, you will discuss your goals and desires, from both viewpoints in the relationship. You can voice the areas in your relationship that you want to change or things to be enhanced. The therapist will ask you questions so that you and your significant other can get around conflict and conflict resolution. In most cases, therapists will be able to slow down the communication of the couple in order to help them become more self-aware of their body language, emotions, and communication styles.

Family Therapy

When dealing with family issues or drama, chances are the last thing you want to do is get everyone together in one room for therapy. However, with family counseling, you will be able to hear everyone’s views of the problems and interact in a healthy and beneficial manner.

The therapist working with your family will be able to get the perspective of each member in your family and understand the overall picture without bringing up the problem directly.

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