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Three Techniques Expert Psychotherapists Use in Every Session

What to Expect When You Consider Psychotherapy

Specializing in psychotherapy, Talk to Michele is has many years of experience with helping people with counseling. Particularly, when there are various helpful methods that I employ in the course of my work. Through faith, hope, and a great many other factors, I help my clients with their life struggles. Here are three techniques you can expect to see with a psychotherapist in most sessions.

  1. Problems are approached with empathy, warmth, and curiosity.

Inexperienced therapists can become too involved in the client’s story, and that can be a distraction. A specialist will be able to see a broader perspective and try to enhance the therapy’s impact. Most clients are not looking for sophisticated interventions but simply wish to learn how to build a genuine relationship in their lives. If therapists are too technical, the therapy might even be worthless. It is important that empathy, warmth, and curiosity are the leading factors in the therapy. This will truly engage the healing power of the encounter.

  1. A Focus Is Given to Constructive Change and Meaning.

There is a strong correlation between how a therapist uses words for positive treatment outcomes. A good example is when a therapist uses terms such as “will” and “when” rather than “would” and “if.” This is considered “change talk,” and it helps clients focus on their own personal successes.

  1. Giving Progress Feedback.

It is vital for psychotherapy that the therapist and client take the time to assess their therapeutic goals. This can bring enjoyment in the therapeutic experience and even constructive progress. Meaningful successes often occur in a true therapeutic relationship with a consolidated agenda.

If you are located in Santa Monica, CA and need psychotherapy, I am ready to help you. With me, you will be able to talk with an experienced psychotherapist whenever you need professional help. Call me at (213) 712-0209 to book an appointment or to learn more about my therapy sessions!

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