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The Unexpected Blessing of Family and Marriage Therapy

Why You Should Consider Family Therapy

Talk to Michele has been providing family counseling and psychotherapy services for many years. As a family therapy expert, I am trained to view every case in terms of pattern. I try to see the bigger picture when it comes to issues that might be going on in a situation and focus on processes over details. This skill allows me to apply a different stance to family problems and relationships.

Small behavior cycles can be seen in any relationship, be it a healthy or unhealthy one. People often gravitate towards certain behaviors because it is part of human nature. When I communicate with people who are stuck in a negative pattern, I can see that it is because of the person’s present circumstances and not simply about a faulty character. People often do the best they can, and I strive to help them improve on that with my family service.

Every once in awhile, families have to learn particularly difficult lessons, and it is in those cases when family therapy is truly a blessing. Having the perspective of someone impartial who is trained to help you with your individual situation is priceless and could very well help you with difficult situations.

Sometimes, the people I help simply need to spend much of their time helping family members who are hurting. It brings a new level of gratitude for life, and the relationships people experience with people. Other people have things mostly under control and simply need to accept that maintaining a strong family is hard work.

As a therapist, I am definitely a better person than I would have been had I not become a family therapist. My experience has helped me grow as a person myself.

To me, it is a privilege and an honor to participate in the therapeutic process with other people. If you are located in Santa Monica, CA and need to talk to a family therapy specialist, I am here for you. Contact me at (213) 712-0209 to book an appointment!

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