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Talk to Michele is here to help everyone realize their potential, either individually or while being in a relationship. If you and your partner need some help ironing out your differences or you want to talk to a professional therapist in Santa Monica, CA, stay on this page to learn what I do and how I can help you today!

Couple/Relationship Therapy

I have dedicated a large part of my career to helping couples find a way through their difficulties and communicate better. Most of the time, a couple is made of two very different people. Each of them is an individual with their own wishes, fears, ambitions, and personality. You two are not a ‘package deal’. Yet, my most popular couples’ therapy is called exactly that. It features a Comprehensive Couples Assessment and sets the groundwork for your personalized experience with me.

What You Can Achieve in My Sessions

  • Creating a better quality of life
  • Self-worth/self-esteem issues resolution
  • Family dynamics
  • Finding and connecting with one’s true self
  • Managing anxiety and depression
  • Managing stress, overwhelm, and overload
  • Overcoming negative thought patterns, negative self-talk
  • Healing from emotional and psychological trauma
  • Overcoming fear of failure/success
  • Getting your life on track
  • Rediscovering yourself/your partner
  • Finding your voice

Talk to Michele is here not just to listen but to help you find the solution to whatever is bothering you. A successful relationship is built from the desire of two people to give their best and connect to each other. However, sometimes we get lost in translation and we are not always understood by our partner. It isn’t about how much you fight with each other or how different you are. It’s about communicating your feelings to one another. Here is where I step in.

If you want to try couples therapy or any of the other sessions I offer to individuals in Santa Monica, CA, I am here to offer you my advice and help you improve your life.

I can provide you with a 10-min complimentary session, which you can book by calling me at (213) 712-0209 today!

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