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Psychotherapy in Santa Monica, CA!

What to Expect From a Psychotherapy Treatment

Each of us experiences anxiety and depression. Many triggering points cause us to feel this way. These can be from work, personal relations, financial issues, or problems with your physical health. During your dark days, it is very important to have someone who can listen to you and let you vent out your feelings. But, if you are living alone, enrolling yourself in a psychotherapy session can help you big time. I am a psychologist based in Santa Monica, CA who is capable of treating your emotional challenges today. Talk to Michele is familiar with any cases involved with depression and anxiety today.

Psychotherapy in Santa Monica, CA!

Expectations from It

It is considered to be a talking treatment where the form of medication is you talk and express your thoughts to me. Sessions varied from an hour or 2 depending on the situation you experience right now. I have to be responsible for making you feel comfortable as you narrate your stories to me. I will be there to listen with all the drama, trauma, and pain you have in your head right now. As a licensed therapist, I am familiar with different mental health problems and would be there to help you get through them.

Talk to Me Now

When do you think to talk to a therapist like me? The answer is, you can talk anytime. If you want to share with your daily problems no matter how big or small they may be, I will listen. Addiction or aggression where you start harming others or yourself are cases that are welcome and very familiar to me. I know that you have concerns but I can guarantee you will feel better once you express things to me. It is important to know the best way to cope up with the problems you are experiencing right now.

Call Talk to Michele at (213) 712-0209 for a trusted psychotherapy session in Santa Monica, CA!

There can be a lot of things to consider but talking to Talk to Michele will make you feel better. My psychotherapy clinic is based in Santa Monica, CA and is ready to listen to you. If you want someone who can understand you, call me now and set an appointment today. Dial (424) 645-7776 to learn more.a

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