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Before You Propose: Why Is Premarital Counseling Necessary?

Do you have plans on popping the question soon? If so, you better have it planned out first. This is because a well-thought-out plan can be helpful in making sure that the proposal goes smoothly or the marriage even. Instead of winging it, you should book premarital counseling from a professional like Talk to Michele. My premarital counseling in Santa Monica, CA is available to couples who want to know more about the mental health aspect of marriage.

What’s The Importance of Getting This Type of Counseling?

Getting this pre-marriage counseling is essential to ensure you and your partner are mentally prepared for marriage. Marriage is a serious commitment that comes with a lot of responsibilities. While you can always rely on family for some of these things, you may need to rely on professionals for others. For instance, if you have never been in charge of a business, you would need to figure out what to do with your finances; the same goes for a marriage. This is why it’s more ideal to have a counselor like me to guide you and ensure you are ready for marriage.

I Offer Pre-Marriage Counseling for Couples!

My pre-marriage counseling service will cover everything you should know about marriage, the pros and cons of marriage, and how the decision to get married will affect you. I will also address your concerns and questions so you can make a well-thought-out decision that fits your personality and needs regarding marriage. If you have something you want to ask regarding marriage life, I highly recommend that you do it during the counseling. If you do get engaged soon, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Talk to Michele provides the premarital counseling you need if you want to be mentally prepared for marriage. Would you like to learn further about the pre-marital counseling services I have to offer in Santa Monica, CA? Give me a call at (213) 712-0209 today so you can start pre-marital counseling with your future spouse right away!

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