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Family Therapy and Its Benefits

Why You Should Opt for Family Counseling

There are many advantages to seeking family therapy services. Unfortunately, there are just as many obstacles that prevent people from seeking it in the first place. Individuals and families often do not realize that the barriers preventing them from searching for help are the same ones affecting their ability to adapt to change, communicate, and cope with different situations. Here you will learn why counseling can be a valuable asset for your family.

Reasons for seeking assistance from a relationship counselor

When people seek counseling, it is often because they have come to an impasse in their abilities, not only to resolve issues but to recognize the origins and triggers of these problems. Conflicts arise in all families. Many are not equipped to deal with those, and issues that are left unresolved can lead to a crisis. The alternative to fighting for the family unit is to take flight and abandon it.

Here are some ways adults use to escape family problems; working extra hours, spending extra time at the gym, developing new hobbies, going out after work, substance abuse, cheating, separation or divorce, and more.

Here are ways that teenagers tend to use to escape from stressful situations; video gaming, spending more time with friends, social activities, phone & social media, school activities, sports, sleeping, drugs, running away, and more.

When a family unit reaches a crisis, certain members may feel the need for a permanent escape. People must seek help before any member arrives at the point where they are contemplating suicide.

Benefits of family therapy 

When a family is in crisis, counseling provides a safe environment where people can feel free to express feelings, ask questions, and generate ideas. Family counseling encourages people to learn listening skills, how to avoid connotative language, how to avoid triggers, to think before reacting, to respect boundaries, conversation skills, communication skills, how to express empathy, to clearly define a role and identify within the family and as an individual, that anger is not hatred, how to dislike actions and still love the person, to demonstrate respect towards each other, how body language speaks louder than words, to ask for help, to receive help, and more.

There are many other benefits for family therapy that are unique to each family and situation. Want to discuss your case with a trustworthy therapist in Santa Monica, CA? If so, call Talk to Michele at (213) 712-0209 now.

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