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Common Misconceptions About Couple Therapists

Why do we actually need a couples therapist anyway?

Talk to Michele has been helping people with affordable couples therapy for over five years, and I have noticed that people believe many misconceptions about couples therapists. Here are four of the most common ones.

#1 Couples Therapists Only Work With Married People and Families

This is simply not the case, because people form a couple even when they are not married. A couples therapist has unique training and conceptualizes problems while considering your significant relationships. Couples therapists are qualified to treat couples, families, individuals, children, groups, etc. We simply treat couples from a different perspective.

#2 Couples Therapists Only Work in a Private Setting

Some couples therapists work in different settings and can help people from churches, mental health centers, and event court assistance programs. Some even go to hospitals, research centers, schools, and prisons, as well as universities. A professional therapist can provide you with a counseling service in a wide range of environments.

#3 Couples Counseling is Just a Specialization

This is also not true because marriage and family therapy is considered to be one of the core mental health professions. It is there together with psychology, psychiatry, social work, and psychiatric nursing. Every one of these is considered to be a separate field and approach treatment from a unique perspective. Couples counseling is part of what a marriage and family therapist does.

#4 Couples Therapy Is Not Affordable

While some therapists might charge a bit too much, most dedicated professionals strive to offer affordable couples therapy. People should always be able to find the help they need, and we all believe that.

If you are looking for affordable couples therapy in Santa Monica, CA, just give me a call! I will help you resolve your problems. Make sure you will hire a true specialist and contact me at (213) 712-0209 to book an appointment!

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