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Affordable Couples Therapy in Santa Monica, CA!

Maintain Happy Relationships With My Affordable Couples Therapy Service

When you think of couples therapy, you often think of a married couple where one is cheating behind their partner’s back. You may not be aware that some couples undergo counseling because they want to strengthen their relationship. There are different reasons that they opt to see a professional therapist to fix the problem, and these issues don’t just involve infidelity, but could also entail excessive fighting, addiction to gambling, and alcohol abuse. If you are in Santa Monica, CA, you should try my affordable couples therapy service here at Talk to Michele. I will assure you that you will have a long-lasting and intimate bond with your partner.

Affordable Couples Therapy in Santa Monica, CA!

A Safer Place to Fix a Struggling Relationship

One of the main reasons relationships are off the rocks is that couples don’t tend to listen to each others’ needs and wants. Couples therapy allows understanding amidst the differences you have with each other. The therapist will encourage you to open up to your partner, addressing assumptions you have in your head that block growth in the relationship. It may be hard for you to reconcile with your partner’s differences, after all.

The Advantages of Hiring Me

I invest my time in being an effective couples therapist, and that’s why I understand that relationships require time and commitment to make things work. On the other hand, if these start to fade away, my counseling services will prevent that from happening before everything is too late. Whether you are recently engaged or married, my services are open for every couple. I am committed to my profession as a therapist and you can always rely on me to keep things discreet and confidential.

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You can always trust Talk to Michele to fix your relationship. I am one of the most trusted therapists offering affordable couples therapy in Santa Monica, CA. Call me at (424) 645-7776 to get to know more about the services I offer.

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