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Marriage Counseling in Santa Monica, CA

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Couples and Marriage Counseling Can Be the First Chapter of Your New Life

Are things between you and your partner not going so well? Do you feel like it’s time to meet a relationship specialist in Santa Monica, CA or any of the surrounding areas? Perhaps you feel like you have tried everything and nothing seems to be working. Many of my clients come to me with similar thoughts. I have worked with a variety of them and have helped them change the course of their marriage or relationship. So that’s what I will do for yours too!

Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

More About What We Do

Couples Communication in Santa Monica, CA

Talk to Michele is here to help you restore the emotional balance in your life and your family. I offer marriage counseling and I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology. My training includes Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Evidence-Based Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and more. If you decide to learn more about what I do, check out the info on my Services page.

Does My Therapy Work? 

Premarital Counseling in Santa Monica, CA

Popular culture and traditions make us believe that a couple is a single unit. That you and your significant other are supposed to fit together like two perfectly matching pieces of a puzzle. In my couples and premarital counseling sessions, I help you see beyond those beliefs and find your individual voice and define your goals in and outside of your relationship. I do it through a method I call “Comprehensive Couples Assessment” that lets you have a personalized therapy experience and decide the direction of the sessions as you go.

I Believe In Human Potential!

Couples Therapist in Santa Monica, CA

Whether you need my expertise in couples communication or you want to come for individual therapy in Santa Monica, CA, my sessions will help you discover more about yourself and how you can create the present you want.

Relationship Specialist in Santa Monica, CA

If you want a 10-minute complimentary consultation with a couples therapist, call Talk to Michele and book it today!

Okoh Emmanuel
Okoh Emmanuel
My spouse and I were at a breaking point until we sought help from a marriage counselor. Thanks to their guidance, we've never been happier.
Pasha Kozar
Pasha Kozar
Our therapist has truly transformed our marriage. Their guidance and support have helped us navigate through our toughest challenges and come out stronger. Highly recommended!
Сергей Мельник
Сергей Мельник
Our marriage was on the rocks until we found this incredible marriage counselor. Their compassionate approach and effective strategies truly saved our relationship.
Jirpat Kokkor
Jirpat Kokkor
The marriage counselor I worked with helped us navigate through tough times, fostering understanding and communication. Grateful for the positive changes in our relationship
Frankie Reynolds
Frankie Reynolds
As a relationship specialist, Michele provided us with insightful premarital counseling. Her ability to create a safe and non-judgmental space allowed us to address our concerns and build a solid foundation for our marriage. Thank you, Michele!
Migisha Mises
Migisha Mises
I highly recommend giving Talk to Michele for Marriage Counseling a try. I recently used their services and found the experience to be incredibly helpful and transformative. The counselor was highly skilled and empathetic, and truly understood my unique situation. They provided me with practical tools and techniques that have been invaluable in improving my communication skills with my partner, strengthening our bond, and working through issues together.
Darlene Meltzer
Darlene Meltzer
Michele really helped us resolve our issues with communication. She made us feel very comfortable and safe. We learned a lot about ourselves and eachother. I am so happy we took the time to invest in our relationship.

Client’s Testimonial

by Emman of West LA, CA on Talk to Michele
Relationship issues

Michele has helped me and my partner to relate to each other in a new way. Instead of getting caught up in our cycle of fighting, we learned to break the cycle and speak from our hearts instead, and really listen to each other. I would trust her with your relationship issues.

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